Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who are these guys?

I fade. Since I haven't posted since 3rd Quarter 2010, I wouldn't blame the two of you who follow this blog for not following the blog. Today, however, I could use some help.

The good-looking dark haired fellow in the top center of this photo is Thurman Dudgeon. My guess is that the rest are as follows:

Two tall men flanking him are either George Tate Dudgeon, James A. Dudgeon and/or William C. Dudgeon. The two women standing are probably Minnie Lee Dudgeon and Fannie Bell Dudgeon, his half-sisters with Linda Lyle. My 3rd great grandmother Martha Lou Phillips died; he and Linda married in 1877.

Any takers??


  1. Donna-
    Great blog, thanks for leading me to it! If I were a guessing woman, I would say that George Tate is on the left. I don't know why, it just feels right. Plus I have a photo of his granddaughter, Minnie Lee Dudgeon, and she has a thin face without the square chin of the gentleman on the right. The two girls look very much like their mother. My question is: who is the little dude?

  2. Heather: that's a great question. Maybe when you and I trek back to Orrick/Richmond, we'll get some answers.