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Time Travel

I'm a planner. Walt once remarked that I'm not one to be spontaneous. "I'm spontaneous...I can be spontaneous" I remember replying. "Yes" he responded "but it's well-planned spontaneity." And so the prelude to all my adventures are laced with subtle panic attacks. Two weeks ago today, I started the morning early: 4am rise and a hot shower coupled with a cup of caffeinated coffee and a final weather check before launching off on a trip to California. For some thirty years, this would have been a typical work day; but since retiring, I've started doing something that had always been a dream: flying airplanes. Today, I was delivering a new airplane to its owner 1500 nautical miles away in the winter, across some very large mountains, through military training zones, avoiding restricted military airspace and across the Mojave dessert in a 700 pound airplane. The day I received the contract for the flight I started planning. The trip wou