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Richard Parker

I rather like punctuation marks. Like signposts, they guide the reader through the written word: the colon indicates a list ahead, the comma separates each item in the list and the period affirms that the sentence and the reader have arrived at their destination. Research comes with its own unique punctuation. Oftentimes, clues will generate new paths separated by time, location and events. And when that research yields a new personal story, the affirmation rings ta da! as I put a period next to another branch on my tree. Then there's the question mark. Question marks tempt you with a period only after winding through false clues and half truths until even your arrival leaves you unsure.  I think most researchers yearn for a good ta da. One of my friends asked recently if I were going to continue the blog now that I've found Ellen. I don't know that the blog is as much about Ellen as it is about the journey to find her. Ellen has taught me to reach out to strangers an