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Long Road Home

I just returned from a trip to Dayton to visit the kids. Actually, the trip was a three-fer. Visiting the kids was my top priority, but to get to Dayton from here, I had to drive northish and then eastish. Likewise, the return trip meant driving southish then westish and so I thought I'd swing by Richmond, Missouri on the way there and do a little research at the Ray County Museum and Louisville, Kentucky on the way back to meet some distant cousins. Road Trip There's no easy way to get to Richmond and once you arrive, there's no easy way to find the Museum. So I asked for directions. "Well, it's just off the square." Okay, where's the square. "You see that hill? Just follow the school bus and turn left." Luckily, there were signs posted with arrows pointing to the fair grounds and the museum or I'd still be driving in circles. The museum was once the Ray County poor house and contained artifacts donated by the area's first famil