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Coming Home

A couple of weeks ago, I ran across a community page on Facebook entitled "I remember when...Orrick, MO." I have little to add to the community posts other than stories from my Mom and flash memories of one visit when I was six. This past week, those of who remember when the Beatle's first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show was not a re-run have been talking about restoring some of the town's historic buildings through fundraisers, or maybe just get together with some homemade fried chicken, potato salad and watermelon and share stories. From William E. Paulson in his 1975 memoir: Orrick as I Remeber...Plus  "The Orrick picnic was really the event of the year. To many it was considered "Homecoming Days." Natives or former residents of the community would come for miles for the event. Charles Ross at Huntington, West Virginia would wait to apply for his annual vacation until such time as the picnic dates had been announced. For years the picnic was