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Exercise for the Writer's Brain

Say we were having coffee this morning and I convinced you to run a marathon with me this year. You haven't run in some time and so know you must train, but you’re a little stiff and really hate exercising in the heat and so decide that all you really need to do is yoga. Specifically, downward dog and a couple of sun salutations. That’s it. You’re going to perform these two poses for 10 minutes a day until race day. Your goal? Well, maybe not finish in first place, but you’ll finish and maybe even get a medal in your age category. Let’s equate this to our writing goals. Goal (because good goals are always measurable): To produce the great American novel in 12 months, to secure a publisher willing to provide a $50K advance and a follow-on book deal. Training : Write 1000 unedited words a day. Does that mean you’re going to open your draft and write until your word count reads 1000? That’s a little like downward dog. Does that mean you’re going to open your draft and