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On January 8, 1960 I was 6 years and 2 months old. My parents were married, living in Fremont, California and I was in the second semester of the second grade at Chadborne Elementry School.  We belonged to a country club. I had two brothers: Gary (3) and Donnie (1). My dog's name was Horse and I had two dolls that I loved: MaryAnne and Sharon. I had flaming red curly hair, bright blue eyes, and made up songs to sing to Micky Mouse as Horse and I roamed the neighborhood. Our home was happy.
In September of 1961 my dad went to work as I roller skated on the sidewalk in front of our house on Porter Street in Freemont. He never came home. My mother was devastated; my brothers and I were lost. I found a picture of my father taken at a bowling alley, all smiles in his team shirt with his right arm swung back in the perfect pose for a strike. I taped the picture to the door frame of my bedroom and cried. In January he remarried, living in Texas with a new wife, a new house, and a 11-year …

You are Here (View my family tree on wikitree)

I've had several inquiries from people who do not use Ancestry or Family Search, and so I uploaded a GEDCOM to wikitree along with my DNA. Why? We are all part of one large family and there are oh so many of you searching to see where you belong. Maybe this will help. Maybe we're cousins. Actually, we are all cousins, it's just nice to know if you're part of the fried chicken and grits line (my mother) or the haggis and a pint line (my father).

embeddable family tree updated live from WikiTree